Social Media

The article that I read recently is about the use of Social Media in and outside of the classroom which offers many opportunities for engaging students in learning process.

Using social media as a tool to engage students in classroom may be a good idea. I believe that it promotes lots of beneficial opportunities and a better engagement in learning. All we know that today’s students are very interested in technology.  Almost every one of them uses Facebook or Twitter to be more active and social in their lives. When we think about some new strategies and methods to provide a better environment and learning process, we can definitely consider using social media for our classes. On the other hand, following technology probably may cause different problems that we might not think of. As written in the article, teachers should be more cautious to apply social media forms in appropriate way. First, students should be worn about its responsibilities and the circumstances that may occur because of not using it correctly. Also they should be informed about copyright Law which is very important.

After reading that article, I searched some social networks for educators. Personally, I avoid using Facebook and Twitter. I don’t think that this kind of social networking provides a good friendship and social environment. I am not going to justify my thoughts about these sites here. However, I believe that using technology more than enough cause loneliness and artificial relationship among people. On the other hand, I might think using social network sites for my classroom. While searching a site, I found It looks so helpful and beneficial for teachers and lets them share their documents, blogs, and any kind of resources with their colleagues. I would be interested in using it in terms of activating and educating my students better.

As I mentioned before, students must be informed about an important policy “Copyright Law” . I would definitely explain my students its importance by showing them some videos about it in order to create a safe environment for them. For instance; this video about Copyright Law, created by a professor at Bucknell University would literally accomplish my goal.


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