No Child Left Behind (chapter 6)

When I was studying for my Psychology final, I realized that one of the chapters were totally discussing “reliability, validity and standardized”. Then I remembered the chapter 6 from Ravitch book and wanted to talk about it.

On January 2001, when the new presedent George Bush presented his plans for school reform, everyone got really excited. Later on, the NCLB was accepted describing its principles: first, that every child should be tes helped every year in grades 3 through 8, using state tests, not a national test; second, that decisions about how to reform schools would be made by the states, not y Washington; third, that low performing shools would get hel to improve; and forth, that students stuck in presistently dangerous or failing schools would be able to transfer to other schools.

However, today there are so many contreversial opinions about NCLB. For instance, some say that testing is necessary to measure student academis performance and to determine whether it was moving forward, sliding backward or standing still. Some realized that the quality of the tests is crucial. Others think that tests are good enough what they are supposed to do but thet don’t give much thought to such technical issues as validity or reliability.

The majority want “accountability”. Because by accountability, schools are supposed to measure whether students are learning and they want rewards or punishments.

do NCLB work? According to the reading, it doesn’t. Furthermore, it doesn’t even bring about rapidly improving text scores.


“Good education cannot be achieved by a strategy of testing children, shaming educators and closing schools” from RAVITCH.


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