Chapter 7: The story of an idea

In Ravitch book chapter 7, the author talks about why families should not be able to choose their children’s schools the way that they choose their place of residence, their line of workd, their shoes or their car. I agree with the author in a certain point of view. Even she is right to say that people should choose it and send their kinds to the best school for them, why is going to happen if the majority of the people want to sent their kids to the same school? This caos had happened in my country many years before. After living such a tremendous complex, the authorities changed the system and hopefully managed to be able to take it under control.

The other point that I agree with her is that she wants to help the schools. She feels so enthisiactic about helping the schools that were unusually successful in educating minority children. According to the passage, it is said that the students who go to those schools are most likely to take advanced courses than their peers in public schools, more likely to go to college and more likely to continue to graduate school. Those schools are basically Catholic schools and cannot afford to afford multiple tracks to all students. This was really interesting to read that she was so willing to help them. She worked so much to gather information about those schools and make a change.

to be continued….


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