The recent NY times article talks about Viki Knox, who has been teaching in special education classes for 12 years and now is being investigated by her comments on Facebook about Homosexuality.  When I read the article, my first reaction was how a teacher could share this kind of thought in the social media, knowing that anybody can see it. As we discussed technological benefits and deficits before, posting even a small sentence in social media can ruin someone else’s life totally. That being said, Ms. Viki is literally having the opposite behavior of the desired likelihood that we want our children to have. As teachers, one of the main characteristics that we want to educate to our students is to respect other people. Even you have different opinions or thoughts about school policy and system; you should keep them for yourself rather than sharing them without caring its consequences.

As Mr. Barocas, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union in New Jersey, said in the article that they certainly should investigate her previous manners to conclude whether she acted that way even in classroom before. It is said that she had been having a very clear teaching state until that incident. Was that the first time she wrote this kind of things on her facebook page or did the post keep attention of the people just because of its anti-homosexual concept? If she had written something else about school policy, would she have faced with the same investigation? For instance: I am wondering if she had written a post just stating that she didn’t like the display in the school about homosexuality rather than writing directly such a hurtful post, would she have been investigated because of discrimination?  Sharing this kind of inappropriate and rude sentiments in an open social website is not an acceptable and understandable behavior. As I mentioned on my previous post, people is doing something to prevent bullying in schools such as ANTI- BULLYING law. Based on that law, every member of the school is supposed to inform any kind of bullying incidents. When I look back at the Viki’s situation, I clearly see that she is doing exactly the opposite thing. Even she doesn’t like homosexuals, lesbians or gays, she is not supposed to declare her thoughts in an open area.

This is a very controversial situation. Even she did such a mistake, executing her from the classroom permanently shouldn’t be the best solution. Based on her clear teaching state she could be considered and given a second chance to be able to work again in public schools.

On the other hand, I definitely cannot accept that these kinds of comments should be tolerated. Facebook, Twitter or etc. These sites are not the places for sharing important and personal thoughts. Everyone should be careful on what they are writing on public sites about religions, politics, nations and et cetera.  

All in one; when it comes to teaching students everyone should have responsibility and tolerance. You just cannot post your sentiments directly or share it with your students without thinking. Technology is a tool which facilitates someone else’s life for some reasons if you know how to use it. However, you can ruin your own life if you use it for your personal goals or insignificantly. It is up to you!


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