A vision of K-12 students today

Today I have watched a video of 21st century digital learners. Here is the link you can check it out.

The video is about not using technology enough in class or in school projects to let students be creative. There has been always a controversy about that since we began to use technology in every part of our lives. I think it is a common problem of today’s students.

Firstly, I want to summarize my reaction briefly. To be honest, I cannot say that I am impressed by the topic of the video. I also didn’t find the statistical examples accurate. However, I certainly agree that the use of technology in classrooms provides huge opportunities to reach higher levels of creativity. Technology allows students to think differently and to develop their thinking, creating and presenting skills. On the other hand, I really liked the way that students used to give messages during the video. The only thing I didn’t understand was why all the students seemed unhappy during the video. They were like being forced to capture this video. 

WIKIS, BLOGS and PODCASTS: There are also mentioned on video. I absolutely know what they are and why they are used. They are web sites to state opinions, thoughts or web pages of information written by someone who may not be professional in that area. Because of this, I don’t think that they are useful for students to benefit and get some real facts from them. I also don’t find them beneficial for school projects or correct for a class material.

According to the experiences I had during student teaching in my country, I figured out that technology brought students an interactive class where they could enjoy and learn at the same time. During my student teaching, I had opportunities to use smart board. I was demonstrating some grammar points on board and let them write on it.  As soon as I had smart board, I tried to use it in my every class so that students could learn better and have fun in class. I was lucky because I was working in a private school that supplies a lot of resources, electronic devices, documents and et cetera. Due to this, I was able to reach these kinds of materials whenever I wanted. In the future, I have no idea whether or not I could be able to have similar standards.  I would absolutely use technology as much as I could to make learning activity fun and to engage students.

I  know it is not always possible to engage students even if the topic is really interesting for them. However, putting activities that may be done by using devices  and breaking the standards a little bit can help teachers make their curriculum rich. 


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