Bullying again

For more information, please check this out: http://mloredo.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/12-11-11-bullying-awareness-week-bullying-awareness-campaign-bullied-bully-or-bystander/These days I have been looking for some sources that may be helpful for  my inquiry project. Among the blogs that I found, I think the most interesting and informative blog is the one that talks about national anti-bullying week in Canada, the UK and many other countries.Bullying is one of the most important issues in almost all around the world and In Canada they organize a bullying awareness week in November. I think it is a good start to provide a safe environment for all students.

In this blog, there is a lot of information that aims at developing the awareness of people on bullying. The videos that are posted are really nice and show that everyone should be aware of this problem and stand by the people who are bullied.

To be honest, this issue scares me too much. In my counrty I had never witnessed such a problem or was bullied by others when I was a child. Bullying had never been a problem or an obstacle of education for us. However, at 2002 two researchers made a survey to examine different aspects of bullying in schools  in Turkey. According to this survey, almost all of the participants reported having been bullied.  I think this issue is grown up every year by some reasons, such as technology, economy and health problems. This survey also talks about not having a policy at the central level to deal with bullying. With that said, bullying is getting worse every year. In the past, this was not even a problem for all of us and we totally respected to our friends no matter how they are. However, we couldn’t teach it to our children and students well. I really feel myself lucky to have been such a safe environment before.

In the blog, there is also a bullying awareness quiz. You answer the questions and select the best statement that represents your feeling about bullying.

Finally, I want to talk about the most common and newest form of bullying in today’s world. Internet, mobile phones, blogs, social networking sites etc… Even though all these tools provide great oppurtunity to get any information that we need, they also  open the gate for Cyberbullying.

I hope we can get rid of this problem sooner and provide a better environment for our children so that we no longer see any news about a bullied child’s suicide.

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