Technology, Democracy and Classroom

We live in a world that is growing so fast as a little baby. We are struggling to control what is going on around us sometimes. In ten years, it is so obvious that we have seen so many changes because of technology: televisions,computers, mobile phones, appliances, etc. As technology develops, we need more information and experience to use it effectively. Otherwise, we never know what is going to happen.

Technology creates great inventions and great tools for Education as well. We don’t use the same tools or materials that we would use in the past any more. Knowing that children are more willing to use technology more often than adults, we, as teachers, should do something matters to integrate our students into classroom. What is more beneficial and helpful to educate a child? What can we do to make our lessons more interactive and fun? How can we motivate our children and ask them to participate in class more often? I think that the answers go to the same direction : technology. We all know that only presenting our class and letting students listen us while sitting quietly is not a good way to teach them. We all know that students only can learn if they understand what is taught and use it in the real life. Basically, it is called ‘ active knowledge’.

As a future Spanish teacher, my purpose on integrating technology in my classroom consist lots of great tools: such as presentation editors, google docs, Ipads, etc. The reason why I am so interested in using technology in my classroom  is that I know its benefit. As a temporary student now 🙂 a lesson with computer, slides, videos, or any kind of interactive activity with internet makes me more enthusiastic. I realize that I learn better while using electronic devices. As a result of this, I definitely would do whatever I can to use technology in my classroom.

The only thing that I should consider seriously would be the privacy. I have seen so many incidents and mentioned them in my blogs about how wrong use of technology ruins someone else’s life. Because of this, it is the fact that teachers should be more aware and cautious about any kind of issues regarding technology  while using it at class.

Finally, The way that teachers present their class is very important. Our students deserve better lives and education. We must provide them this opportunity and develop our classrooms by integrating technology into them.  I know that it would help students be more achieved in all content areas.


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