Charter Schools ( Chapter 7)

What is the secret of successful chartes schools?

It is said that charter schools have higher scores and this is the result of many factors; such as dedicated teachers, motivated students, excellent curricula and outstanding leaders. And also they may be a result of peer effects. Because motivated students may be more successfull when surounded by other motivated students.

But who is going to study in these schools?

If you couldn’t win the lotery, what are you going to do? You are going to return to your public schools in poor neighborhood. You will probably attend classess with mix of peers, including some who don’t want to come to school and some of them who just want to get by. As a result of this, your are going to lose your motivation and interest.

So what is the solution?

Maybe: The public schools should create more creative lessons in order to hold on to motivated students, or they can seperate students by ability to prevent the unmotivated from negatively affecting the performance of the motivated.

Here we can align several solutions to prevent this from happening in public schools. However…

The solution of this dilemma is to determine the fate of public education.



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