Standards and Accountability

Chapter #3

According to the text, today’s teachers have more master’s degree than in the past. Because of the requierements of the schools, teachers take more college classes and more education courses than before. I think that most courses requiere different standards from teachers and this forces them to develop their skills and add more experience into their career.However, I really don’t understand why every state requieres different tests and they are quiete different from each other. When I read that a prospective teacher could pass comfortably in one test and fail the same test in another, I found it so weird. I come from a country that provides same standards to teachers in each city. If someone once passes the certification test and becomes a teacher, wherever he goes he can work without taking another test for that. I know that here in U.S the state system provides different governance. However, this confuses me about why there is not one typical standard for being a teacher.

I think this makes becoming teacher more complicated and difficult for those who move from one state to another. This also does’t provide the same opportunities to the people.

I had been working as a teacher in my country before I came here. When I graduated from college and got the teaching certification, I had chance to work wherever I went within the country. However, since I am here in U.S,I really don’t know what kind of standards and requierements I am going to face with until I am graduated. To be honest, I still don’t know what are the differences and similarities among tests.


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