Inquiry Project

I would like to do my inquiry project about bullying in schools. The reason why I have chosen this topic is that I am seeing lots of news and information on internet and television these days. Yesterday when I was driving home, I heard a website about bullying on radio and I wanted to get more information about that. I know that this is a common issue in the world that we should take under control to maintain a safe environment for our children.  There are lots of students who avoid going to school for being bullied or trying to kill themselves to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. As adults, one of our main responsibilities is to provide all of the students a fair, democratic and comfortable place of learning.  I am wondering whether we will be able to control these kinds of incidents that occur in and outside of classrooms, even in social networking sites while creating new techniques and strategies to prevent them.  I hope we can find a better way and children learn how to respect other people around them.


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