What are teachers “worth” ?

After watching three great videos, once again I understood that being teachers and its value in all around the world were one of the common problems in every society. It is truly tragicomic that we all want to raise and create a great generation for the future even our profession has no value among other jobs. In TAPST it is said that teaching is not much valued like law and medicine then it was in 1953.  However, no matter how this perspective is shaped for some reasons, we should believe in the importance of education and do our job as it is necessitated.

Now I am going to tell you something about these videos.

The first video I watched is the trailer of “American Teacher” which I liked very much. The teachers in that documentary seem overwhelmed and exhausted by lot of work hours. On the other hand, they are all excited and enthusiastic to teach whatever they know and to raise their students well. Among information given in that documentary, teachers are hardworking and well educated, however, almost 46% of them quit during the first 5 years. Almost half of them have second job because of low salaries.  According to the NEA survey in TAPST, teachers have an extra responsibility to do their job effectively, which means additional 10 hours at home on instructional activities.  In the trailer, images and people’s speeches are so amazing that  a viewer can feel the teachers’ passion from the bottom of the heart.

Second video “Save Our School Rally” is about Matt Demon’s speech about Public School teachers. The reason of his speech is to show how well educated, empowered and successful Public School teachers are. As a Public School student and a son of a teacher, he is not just focusing on the importance of Public Schools but also on attitudes of his teachers towards students; such as seeing students as individualized puzzles and focusing on the activities to develop who they are inside. Matt Damon basically tries to encourage and praise teachers to show them that their students don’t undervalue them. On the other hand, in today’s society no matter how well educated, well graded and knowledgeable about technology the teachers are, they may still struggle in their lives and schools.



The third video is about the news report on Matt Demon’s Speech and Save Our School Rally in front of the White House. Millions of people deeply support and appreciate to bring this profession into good levels. However, we basically see that teachers are unfortunately exhausted and unappreciated in today’s society. According to NEA survey, there are a significant growth and development on professionalization and use of technology in classrooms. In TAPST, It is indicated that even in low income areas public schools have access to computers in classrooms. It is now more possible to engage students into classes. Technological opportunities may decrease the amount of work of the teachers. Moreover, students can be more productive by using electronic devices for their projects and assignments. Besides, teachers are more willing to study and make a difference in their classes. However, their MA degree doesn’t make any difference in their salaries and success. There is no evidence showing that MA teachers are more successful than lower degreed teachers.

As a daughter of a teacher, I feel the same as Matt Damon feels. Teachers are great values of a Nation. We should work hard and develop ourselves to be able to change society’s prejudice. As Ataturk (hero of the Turks) said: “Teachers are the one and only people who save nations”. That’s why teachers are worth a lot.



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